Thursday, September 29, 2005

"We are so over...

...We have to invent a new word for ‘over’”. So goes my favorite line in Sex and the City, spoken by Carrie Bradshaw to Mr. Big. I thought about it now coz I just realized it is actually possible to get over someone you love greatly. Someone you obsess about, and who defines what you wear in the morning and how you spend the rest of the day, someone you want so badly you make a fool of yourself over and over just to be with him, no matter how many times and how casually he dumps you. Maybe you just get exhausted to the bone. Maybe you realize the futility of it all. Maybe you find someone who treats you way better. It is even possible to fall out of love. And when it is over, you’re just relived to be out of your misery. (Come to think of it, loving someone is one great misery. You open yourself up to the absolute power and mercy of another person. You’re at your most vulnerable, most fragile.) Maybe you’re angry, for having invested so much drama and emotion to this guy who just treats you like dirt and leaves you with nothing but crumbs. But a part of you is also sad, because it didn’t work out, and somewhere in the secret places of your soul you will always wonder what could have been.

It’s comforting to know that it is possible to get over someone.

This all reminds me of a beautiful thought from an obscure European film, Antonia’s Line. It says, time does not heal all wounds. But it will soften the pain. And it will blur the memories.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Perfect Catch (a.k.a. Fever Pitch)

Saw it last weekend. Was just one of those movies that we watched because Ches had an MTRCB pass but which we wouldn’t otherwise pay for. Surprisingly turned out to be a nice one. Ches patiently told me about the Boston Red Sox (the curse of the Bambino and all that stuff) so I think I can now better relate when Jen starts talking about it.

Didn’t know till I saw the credits that it was based on a book by Nick Hornby, who also wrote ‘About A Boy’ and ‘High Fidelity’. Ches brilliantly commented that, in ‘About A Boy’, the title could refer to both the 11-year-old boy whose mom was going wacko after a divorce, and to the character played by Hugh Grant (who’s #1 in my List of Men I’m Allowed to Have Extra-Marital Relations With), who has never had a job in his life and who’s been living off the royalties from his father’s Cristmas carol. Saw ‘High Fidelity’ a long time ago in HBO. John Cusack played another quirky man-boy that Nick Hornby seems to be an expert of. Should read his other books.

There was a guy who gave out this great, big laugh throughout the movie, the kind that you’d belch out when you’re in the privacy of your own living room and not in a theater full of strangers. It sounded like Tarts or some other friend of Ches who pretty much do whatever they feel like whenever they feel like it. I’m happy for that guy.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Top Ten Things to Enjoy over the Weekend

1. Stay in bed long after we wake up, teaching Yoshi to say “Good morning”, asking him to tell us for the nth time about the time he went to the hairdresser and the doctor, and indulging him in his fascination for group hugs.
2. Whip up banana milkshakes, Thai fried rice and garlic butter mushroom for my family (which about sums up all I learned to come up with in the kitchen area since I started trying this year).
3. Watch Eat Bulaga from start to finish. I’m sorry, but this show cracks me up. Rhoel and I used to call each other on Saturdays to discuss Allan K’s and Jose’s antics as they happen on TV.
4. Take afternoon naps on the banig in the sala. Takes me back to lazy summer days in Pangasinan when my biggest problems in life have to do with what to eat for merienda and whether my first great love Richard Chua would pass by. Sigh.
5. Tidy up every nook and cranny of the house that Ann conveniently forgets to clean. May sound like a chore but I love doing it. Weird, I know. (Don’t you just hate it when maids keep surfaces all gleaming and smooth, but when you look under the carpet or in other places not easily visible, there’s enough dirt and chaos to give you an instant asthma attack? There’s just something so deceitful about it.)
6. Watch movies in posh theaters courtesy of Ches’ MTRCB pass. At the height of Hyatt 10, our number one concern was, if Gloria is ousted and a new MTRCB chair is appointed, will Eastwood still let us in using his pass?
7. Invite old friends over for Sunday lunch. Nothing beats reminiscing about the grade school guys we used to harass, bathing together butt-naked during sleep-overs in high school, passing each other senseless notes in each and every class in PolSci, dressing up as Morticia Addams to get into an org …
8. Give Yoshi and Garci a good, long bath.
9. Give myself a good, long bath.
10. Give Ches a good, long bath. (Oh, get over it. We’re married!)

Friday, September 23, 2005


Am reading my second book in the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella. Becky Bloomwood is such a riot. I can so relate to her. She doesn’t take anything seriously … except shopping. She just cannot stop buying. (Which explains why I don’t have a credit card.) As bad as her addiction to purchase and accumulate is her uncanny ability to get herself into impossibly embarrassing situations. (Example: She needs a higher-paying job to augment her shopping money. She tweaks her CV by saying that she speaks “fluent Finnish”, thinking that “conversional French” is too common. She quickly snags an interview … by a panel of Finnish-speaking bankers.) I get that a lot, too, but that’s another blog.

Rommel has this theory that people buy goodies essentially to show off. He believes that people would just buy the basics in just the minimum number needed and would not spend on non-essential items or luxuries or brands if not for an innate desire to brag. He does have a point but I also disagree to a certain extent. Since grade school I’ve been saving up my allowance so I could buy stuff for my numerous collections – stationeries, Sweet Dreams, ballerina figurines, topiaries, anything Hello Kitty, etc. etc. I don’t carry these around for showing off. I bought them just for me, to keep in my treasure trove and bring out whenever I feel like it. It just makes me happy that they’re there. It’s hard to explain.

Here’s my idea of a perfect Saturday: Ches will let me loose in Greenhills in the morning with a couple of thousands and I’d buy up maybe an export overrun Abercrombie baby shirt and a dozen chandelier earrings and one of those beaded bags from Bangkok and many other interesting stuff and he won’t bother me till it’s closing time and I’d need a driver to haul away my shopping bags and I can rest my tired, contented feet against the dashboard. Purr-fect :)

I counted my shoes a few months ago. 27 pairs, excluding sneakers and slipper types for weekends. Ches commented that there should come a point when I should just stop buying shoes. I tried to explain the concept of retail therapy, and how it’s all relative, anyway, that there are girls who are so much worse than me. Chuchi has polka dot pumps to go with her polka dot top, and she has pink snakeskin sandals to go with her pink snakeskin miniskirt, and the only time she wears the shoes is when she wears the clothes (that’s the whole point!), which is approximately, like, once a year. Chuchi is my “classmate” in Galleria mallwide sales. We’ve been known to “coincide” our SEC business trips when the mall across the street is “up to 50% off” :)

Needless to say, Chuchi adores the Shopaholic series :)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I have a blog!

Why? Bcoz Paula is on maternity leave and Thom is taking too long to take me to lunch and I'm tamad to work na coz it's past 12 and I've always loved to write and I always have something to say about anything and I've been keeping diaries since high school ... so this will be like a techie diary of sorts :)