Sunday, April 22, 2007


Unlike the first time, this time I already had an idea even before I officially found out. I was queasy and nauseous that last Monday of March when we were rushing everything for our stockholders’ meeting the following day. I chalked it up to stress on the meeting and the Cebu project which was slowly but surely falling apart right before my very eyes. That same week I had a meeting in Makati and where before I’d chat up my boss’s driver till I got home that time I slept all thru-out EDSA. And then there were all those trips I had to make to the CR at night. Plus some censored body parts that all of a sudden got so sore. Well, I was always hungry too but since I am ALWAYS hungry anyway I didn’t count this as one of the signs that made me see what was coming.

When I saw the extra purple line on the preggy kit I burst out crying and called Ches. We’ve been trying for this since Yosh turned three in August. Six months is actually a relatively short time to wait, but with EQ and patience not being part of my virtues (yes, I do have some), I had almost given up on the whole thing already. I’ve started teasing Ches that he’s probably a one-hit wonder, and have resigned myself to being among those moms who are destined just to have one child. It wasn’t such a bad idea, actually. Like Ches said, our life with Yosh now is perfect, and another baby will just be a bonus. (Ok, a BIG bonus.) Yosh is all grown-up, going to day care, playing and feeding on his own, easy to tag along in our travels or leave behind with the grandparents. He needs only to learn to pull his briefs up and he’s all set for the big world.

When you come to think of it, it’s not a very wise choice having all these kids. I mean, why go thru another round of sleepless nights and costly trips to the diaper section and being tied down by an eternally hungry infant who can let out the most deafening screams and demands at least three pairs of hands to care for him in a span of one day. And even before all of that, why go thru another nine months of being nauseous, graceless and weepy, nine months (or at least the last three) going around like the female version of Shrek with your gigantic nose and a belly that looks ready to pop any second, and who knows how many hours of labor and childbirth with who knows what kind of pain and complications await.

And then there’s what a friend calls the emotional investment of having kids. For her, one is enough for now because she says she can’t bear to go thru the agony yet again of feeling helpless when your baby cries and you can’t do anything to make him stop, or when he’s sick or in pain, or when you have to leave him to go to the office, or the constant fear that he’s not ok and all in one piece anytime he’s not within hearing distance.

Well, I don’t really have any answers. I guess, Ches and I were just thinking, if God gave us this second chance to have another baby, this tremendous blessing to have another set of arms to hug us, another little human being to give us tummy aches from laughing too hard and love us even when sometimes we can’t even find anything to love in each other – then I guess we’re willing to take all the risks.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


He came to us all the way from Didoy’s dad in Davao. They keep some 23 Labradors and bulldogs at home and they would sell or give away the new pups to friends and dog-lovers. I guess I qualified as both bcoz from out of the blue Didoy showed me pix of this cuddly Lab with creamy hair and big brown eyes and asked if I wanted to have him for free.

We were all hot and worried that Saturday morning when we went to pick him up from PAL Cargo. Didoy had warned that he might get sick and dehydrated from the plane ride. Yosh was particularly petrified that the puppy might die before we get there. I got the shock of my life when I finally saw him. I had expected a small box with tiny holes and a little puppy that I could cradle on my lap. Instead I got a huge wooden crate and a fully-grown animal who looked tired and lost being all cooped up in that cage. (Poor creature. What must it have been thinking while the nails were being pounded as he was inside? He was probably thinking it was his certain death already.) What can I say? All we’ve ever had were askals and mini-pins and terriers. Never the big variety. When Dharma came to live with us at three months, she would fit into my bedroom slippers or the open pages of the law books I was then studying for the Bar. When Ally gave birth, I would carry all her four pups in my palms and have them pose for pix. They were that small.

Which I guess explains why Hunter didn’t seem the least bit bothered when Garci greeted him with furious barks when we got home. In his dog head he was probably thinking, “You may be two years old and I’m only four months, but I’m easily double your heft so you can bark all you want”. He paid Garci no heed and just rolled on the floor with Yosh, licked his face and ran after him. Needless to say, the little boy wouldn’t stop giggling and screaming. (Thankfully, Garci’s sibling rivalry has subsided. They get along better now.)

We thought at first he was just being quiet bcoz of the confusion and exhaustion from his trip. But then much later we realized that was really his personality. He barks only when he’s hungry (but then when he is he’d make an infernal racket with his food bowl or anything he can create noise with). He’s a lot like Didoy, actually – like this gentle giant who never calls any attention to himself, low-maintenance (he would eat anything I hold out on my hand, including Yoshi’s cereals), and whose lanky frame belies the huge appetite within (seeing Hunter wolf down his food reminds me of Didoy ordering three burger steaks and two tapsilogs and finishing plate after plate of his favorite pineapples from the dessert bar in Marriott).

We spent the whole day thinking up names for him. Ches suggested King Chow, bcoz of his appetite and in honor of Didoy’s latest Chowking commercial. I thought Basti, bcoz Didoy’s real name is Sebastian. We settled for Hunter, bcoz Yoshi loved it (I guess bcoz it was something he could easily pronounce).

That first day he was with us, we went off for our usual Saturday dinner at Mom’s. Yoshi threw a terrific tantrum bcoz he didn’t want to leave Hunter behind. Hunter for his part was whining and trying to hop into the car with us. That early in the relationship, we loved each other already.