Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shopaholic Ties the Knot

We went to Chuchi’s and Doc’s wedding last Friday. We were late for the ceremony in San Agustin – I brought Yosh to school and traveled all the way to PMS and had my hair blow-dried and got hungry so had to grab a burger before anything. We missed Chuchi’s walk down the aisle. It’s a good thing we caught the exchange of vows, which for me was the most touching part of the rites. Chuchi poured her heart out, her voice breaking several times, and all the girls got teary-eyed, maybe some of the guys too.

It’s a cute love story they have. They were childhood sweethearts (way back in grade school, I think), went out with other people (at least in Chuchi’s case), and ended up with each other in the long run. I remember how Chuchi went out with Doc one time while she was still with someone, and she texted him to thank him for the nice time they’ve had, except she sent it not to Doc but to her present beau. Hahaha. Blooper girl.

The Mass was followed by cocktails at the grounds of Sofitel. Ed and I agreed that it looked a bit like Mactan Shang, with the pools and grass stretching out into the sea. We entered the reception hall after the fireworks show. Andrea and Rhoel were the first set of hosts for the night. (I so miss the parties in QT where Rhoel would single-handedly provide the entertainment thru-out, with his eminent hosting skills and acerbic humor that spared no one, not the partners nor the kitchen staff. Everyone would get tummy aches from laughing too hard.)

The newlyweds had the grandest entrance ever. They danced this rousing, flirty number complete with half-falling to the floor and kissing scenes. It was like something from Shall We Dance and definitely brought the house down. Chuchi was in her element, and Doc was very game and cool, too (I guess he didn’t have a choice haha. Ches felt compelled to whisper, if I “required” him to do something like that at our wedding, there wouldn’t have been a fifth anniversary to celebrate this year. What a riot.)

We also loved the buffet, mainly bcoz there were so many dishes to choose from. My favorite was the salmon, Rhoel’s was the beef, Malen’s was the chocolate fondue. (I’m happy coz one of our gifts to Chuch was a fondue set from her bridal registry, and Ches – wonders will never cease – had this brilliant idea to get me the same set for my birthday. Winner. I love you, sweetie.) There was live music, too, by no less than three bands, a video which included a grade school class picture of the couple in the same section, and satellite fondant cakes that Chuchi gave us for taking home.

Of course, the best part – as in all weddings - is in bearing witness to a very special moment in a dear friend’s life. Chuchi is the darling of our QT gang. She makes fast friends with everyone (even people we more evil-kneevil ones tell her not to be friends with haha). She has friends for shopping, traveling, scuba-diving, and whatever. Jon and I will love her forever bcoz she graciously accommodated both of our families in her house in Calapan when we had our grand Puerto Galera-Bora adventure a couple of years back. She’s also responsible for organizing our annual Christmas gifts to the non-legal staff when we were still in QT, gimmicks and get-togethers now that we’re all in different offices, along with the other designated leaders in the batch Andrea, Loudette & Dendee (the rest of us just pay up and follow). We used to tease her about loading up on taurine for her ability to multi-task, ever the hyper and energetic one, hopping from a due diligence work to a mall sale to a poker party and talking a mile a minute about everything.

Just imagine putting a together a wedding with like 400 guests and crew, with the 60 million things that a bride has to obsess about, and coming up with a perfectly rehearsed dance number, on top of everything – only Chuchi could’ve pulled off something like that.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Coming Soon

Boots and I reached full term yesterday. I feel like a floating bubble all ready to burst, an imploding childbirth waiting to happen. I’ve had a baby shower ably organized by Pau, said goodbye to my bosses (who graciously allowed to let me go on leave early) and prepared my leave notes. I still attended an NWRB hearing for our Cebu project, tho, mainly to see what it’s like. (I’m the farthest thing you can think of from a litigation lawyer.) I go for a check-up with my OB right after, and she happily shares the news that my cervix is soft and thin, and she could feel the head down there already.

As if on cue, I feel contractions the rest of the afternoon, longer and more painful than the little twinges and spasms I’ve been having irregularly since the start of the month. So I wrap up all my pending work (or at least the ones I feel like wrapping up haha), head home and get a two-piece fully loaded meal from the neighborhood KFC that Yoshi and I share (I figured if this is going to be my last full meal before another long and grueling labor then I deserve to have a good one), take a good, long bath too, and ask Ches to clean my toenails (which I could no longer reach, not by any stretch of imagination). We also pack up last-minute stuff into our long-prepared hospital bags and try to agree on a name for the baby. (We’ve been complacent with Boots this whole time, but he’s going to hate us forever if that’s what we write in the birth certificate.)

The contractions continue way into the night. I sleep thru them, and wake up still as pregnant as ever. False alarm. And the wait begins.

With Yosh, I was on leave more than two weeks before my due date. I remember itching (and literally too) to give birth for a long time. I felt sick of being fat and ugly, I was too lazy to do anything much (none of this nesting thing that first time), and, well, I’m just not a very patient person, okay. I decide I want August 21 to be Yoshi’s birthday, to give a historical flavor to the occasion (it being then Ninoy’s 20th death anniv). So the night before Ches and I walk a full hour to the nearest Mini-Stop to buy Cornetto, and do squatting and other exercises we learned in Lamaze class as natural ways to induce labor. Just as we’re getting ready for bed at 1 AM, my water bag breaks and the contractions start till they get really intense by 10 AM, unbearable by 3PM by which time I was already allowed to push, and at 3:20 Yoshi was out.

This time around, I’m not the eager beaver that I usually am. After all, there’s still Chuchi’s big wedding, Yoshi’s UN program, our Ilocos scrapbook that we’ve started to work on, all the Christmas gifts we have to buy. It’s nesting all over again, this compulsion to put everything in order before the baby comes. (I just know I won’t have time to do any more of these things later, with my hands full breast-feeding and diaper-changing.) Besides, if I give birth now, the long holidays will be charged against my maternity leave, so I want to wait till hopefully the first week of November . Plus, I’m thinking if Boots’ birthday falls on these last weeks of October, he maybe won’t have many guests in his parties and maybe won’t get many texts, coz everyone will be on sem-break then. (I think too far ahead sometimes, I know).

Boots awaits. And so do we.