Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Drama Belle

It was one of those times when there were so many things going on that I couldn’t even find the time to sit and blog about it all. It could be the happy kind of busy and not even the stressful kind of toxic but it still leaves you with barely any time to breathe just the same. It was just like in March when Jen was here and we had Boots’ baptism (where he was just this good boy all thru-out, sleeping and breastfeeding thru the church rites and Don Hen party, while Yosh volunteered for the magic show in the birthday party at the ground floor where he didn’t know a single soul hahaha) and Yosh graduated from his first year in pre-school and Jen treated them to HK Disneyland and then the whole lot of us went to Subic to start off the summer.

This time, tho, it wasn’t so much fun social events and vacations that kept my hands full. It was boring work-related stuff like a management planning thing where I don’t hear anything I haven’t already heard 60 million times but which some people have a tendency to treat oh-so-seriously so I just play along and toe the line like the worker bee that I am in the grand corporate structure. It’s taxing not to mention a waste of way too much time and resources better spent elsewhere (i.e., blogging).

It was also dealing with occupational hazards like unwanted information falling on my lap and bringing along with it a dilemma of A. blowing the whistle and in the process endangering my health and well-being, or B. playing it safe and losing sleep over my cowardice and utter lack of integrity. Oh, I know all along I will choose to do what is right and I could kick myself for it (I’ve never aspired to be Michael Scofield with his hero/savior complex), but I just hope I earned some brownie points up in heaven so that God will send angels to protect me from all the evils that surround me. In any case, my dear friend Babette wrote this touching blog about me having a good head and a sturdy heart, so there’s that to be happy about over this whole thing. (Hahaha – it really does take so little to make me happy, I’m such this dense and shallow person, I need to go out and buy me some depth.)

And as if I didn’t have enough drama to deal with in the office I also burned the midnight oil watching several episodes of all these glorious, fantabulous Korean dramas recommended by Sarah – Dalja’s Spring, Flowers for My Life, Soulmate, Que Sera Sera. I am now a certified junkie, I guess. I can’t get over the stories, how witty and quirky and heartbreaking they all are, the kind that makes you love life and want to fall in love all over again. They even have stand-out soundtrack that have a way of sticking with you long after you finish the show. So now when I’m in a certain mood I find myself thinking – hmm, if I were a Korean drama, what music would be playing in the background now? And the men – oh the men. I’m torn between Tae Bong in Dalja’s Spring who’s lanky and chivalrous and comes up with perfect lines to say to a girl like “You’re too pretty I can’t stand it” and is a hotshot lawyer at a Top 3 law firm in Seoul to boot (hahaha), and Tae Joo of Que Sera Sera who’s arrogant to the point of violence, pushing women around (and literally too) and reducing them to putty in his hands, with no redeeming value whatsoever save for his perfectly yummy face. (Yum.) And what about Dong Wook in Soulmate with his hairband and dimples and terrific taste in music and unsinkable belief in a one true love? Aah – so many reasons to splurge one’s so many months’ worth of salary for a trip to Seoul …

And then there were motherhood crises like both boys getting sick at the same time. Boots caught Yoshi’s cough and colds, his first at nine months, and he would spit up what little food he has taken in when he coughs his phlegm out, and he became too lethargic to smile his usual brilliant smile with the dimples in both cheeks and his chinky eyes practically mere crinkles on his face, but what was frightening was his high-grade fever that refused to go down after three days. And when it finally did it was replaced by rashes all over his body (meaning he had rusceola), at which time we also find his fifth and sixth teeth breaking out of his gums. Poor baby. He even gets sick the same way as Yosh – hardly ever but when he does it’s the 5-in-1 complete package kind. Oh, bother.

And then Yoshi’s fifth birthday came up and like last year we didn’t give him the usual party with relatives and friends and instead brought him to Fun Ranch where he rode all the rides and played in the arcade to his little hearts’ content. But then he came up with his own idea of bringing food for his classmates in school and inviting his grandparents and titos and titas over so he would have an audience while he blew the candles on his Marvel Heroes cake. In the end it required more work than just giving him the usual full-fledged party for everyone to begin with. Groan. And of course on top of these his grandparents from both sides felt compelled to prepare separate and equally elaborate food fests to mark the seemingly endless fifth birthday. It was the exact same thing last year. Yoshi is such the beloved grandchild and nephew, I swear.

The best part was when he asked me for some coins to throw into the Fun Ranch Wishing Well. I asked him what he wished for, and he said it was for Boots not to get sick anymore.

Sigh. My boys are my angels. Thank you, Lord.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Small World

It was Sophie’s baptism last Sunday. Sophie has a thick mop of soft black hair and eyes as pure and wide like the little baby that she is. I have no doubt she will grow up sweet and gentle like Dindin and Regie. What I love about Regie is, he belongs to this college org where some of my closest Atenean friends are also members – Rhoel my QT buddy, Babette who also used to be with Regie’s and my office, and Ria from high school. So then I get to see them when either one of them has an event where friends are invited. It’s nice to have a friend who knows another mutual friend longer than you have, coz then you find comfort in knowing someone already knew this person in the past hence this new guy is not likely to be hiding some horrible secret that might provoke him to snap any moment and commit a heinous crime against you. (I have an over-active imagination, I know.)

Babette was absent in this particular occasion, tho, but that’s ok coz we’ve been regularly in touch and updated in each other’s lives – she with her exciting venture into the clothing industry and perfunctory interest in job interviews, and me with my latest catfight with this consultant we have in the office who does sloppy legal work and charges obscene hourly rates and whom I have summarily dismissed as someone who has big boobs, is all. (Hahaha. I am so wicked.)

Rhoel demands to know from Ria if I’ve always been like this even in high school (this meaning m-a-l-d-i-t-a) or whether I was friendlier then. Ria laughs and informs him I wasn’t exactly the friendly type. Hahaha. That’s Ria’s nice way of putting it. She belongs to that breed of nice girls who are pretty and pleasant and get the highest grades and volunteer for all the extra-curriculars to boot and whom everybody likes - except the competitive ones, I guess. Me, I have never been the competitive type and being a slacker I admire super achievers/born leaders like her coz then without her who will run the student council and organize the yearbook and all that stuff. I remember Ria as the leader of our little debate team of sorts and she hosted numerous sleep-overs in her house on the pretext of working on our little debates in school and where her yaya would cook her adobo with the distinctive sweet taste. She claims to have forgotten this entirely but I remind her that she was responsible for introducing us to Judith Krantz. On our breaks we more evil-kneevil girls in class would form a huddle and someone would read aloud the most steamy parts of I’ll Take Manhattan (or whatever Krantz novel Ria brought for the day) and none of us can believe it is possible to do those things with a man. (Hahaha. Those were the days.)

Ria also talks about going to our alumni homecoming where she and two other girls from our class were the only representatives for the entire 90’s decade or something. Our favorite teacher, Mrs. Corpuz, who is apparently now retired, was also there and she was still the most popular with the alumni. She taught us Journalism in 2nd year and Literature in 4th year, and she was also the high school Dean of Discipline. (Hmmm – I love the sound of that. Dean of Discipline. It’s like having the all-encompassing powers of Dolores Umbridge without all the meanness.) She was strict and greatly feared in every way, but she was also well-loved bcoz she joked about the nuns all the time and taught us Shakespeare and Greek mythology in a way that made us listen instead of fall asleep. Me, I will forever love her bcoz it was from her that I learned to love A Separate Peace and Of Mice and Men and Catcher in the Rye.

Rhoel regales us with his recent junket to the US that included a two-week training in Minnesota and a side trip to visit friends in California. He said he would spend his breaks from the training walking around the graveyard across his Holiday Inn hotel and looking for nice tombstones. He’s crazy, I swear. He can make every little thing sound infinitely funny. It’s a talent.

On the way home I realize it’s a good thing we didn’t get around to talking about what I’ve been up to. Coz then it would’ve have been shameful to admit that what I’ve been up to when I’m done being a pretend lawyer in the office and terror mommy and nagging wife at home is – I transform into this Korean drama groupie of sorts. Yikes. I also realize I forgot to ask Rhoel what’s new with his showbiz career and what play he’s doing lately.

Well, next time.