Tuesday, April 06, 2010

How To Sabotage A Career

It all started with the Friday that Ches and I came across Dendee and family in Omakase. Dendee asked me if I knew S, this younger lawyer from the same law office where we worked, and is applying for a post at her office. So I told her I did get to work with him and he's smart and hardworking and reliable and everything.

The following week, I attended this seminar where I met M, another younger lawyer from the law office, and at mid-morning we spot S himself in the same seminar. So me I was excited and hyper as usual and as soon as we were let out for lunch I rushed over to S and happily told him that I found out he was applying at Dendee's office and that I put in a glowing recommendation for him and all of that. He ... kind of had this strange grimace on his face. And my thought balloon was, ok, you could act a little more gratefully towards me. As we walked to the elevator, he whispered to me: Quiet lang, Jewel, katabi ko yung boss ko.


All thru-out lunch M jokes about the blooper, how he heard S's boss talking to S's secretary on his mobile and instructing her to clear his things out from his room. S tells me, if he doesn't have any more job to go to the following Monday, I owe it to him to get him into SM.


They're good kids, S and M. I used to review their work and supervise them in the law office. I'd like to think I taught them a few things and mentored them if only a little bit. But I guess what little of that is all gone now, replaced by nothing but this big, fat, crazy blooper.


Naturally, Ches is incredulous and aghast when I tell him about this, like he's ashamed of being even in any way connected with me. He says I've taken my bloopers to a whole new level, how before I used to torment people who've gained a little weight and insist they're pregnant, and now I'm actually setting out to ruin people's means of livelihood.

I didn't mean to do it. These things just happen to me. I swear.