Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy List 29

1. Cashews from Ann from her Palawan trip. She gave me an entire kilo of the thing, plus cashew brittle and turrones, too. Wow. Bootsie and I were in cashew heaven.

2. Emails with Ate about recent dramas that have gotten so old. When I want to do some serious bitching, I go to Ate bcoz she understands best.

3. Scrabble games with Yoshi and Ches. Yosh also brings it along to Balai Isabel and the three of us play with Pops. Pops taught me Scrabble. I still remember some of the insane words he taught me - bivouac, camouflage, ajar, aye. (On hindsight, if he had given me money instead of words, I would've had more clothes growing up. Dang. HAHA.)

4. MIB’s Sambokojin lunch treat for all of us in Legal. It’s a lot like Yakimix except less crowded. I love that cooking thing. (It’s the only cooking I ever do! Regina took a pix of me cooking in Yakimix precisely for this reason. Hahaha.) I love the sushis and sashimis. Best of all, I love pigging out in the company of good friends, and all for free courtesy of our generous boss.

5. Passion Awards for Anji and Thina. I was disappointed that they didn’t get the grand prize, but then no one did, so that’s ok. It was good enough that all their hard work has been recognized in front of the whole company, and they got some moolah out of it, too.

6. Starbucks and Red Mango outings with Legal girls

7. Finishing all my pending work before the long weekend. I didn’t want to be stressing about them anymore and ruining the four-day winner holiday. It’s such a relief when you can check off all the items in your to-do list. Or at least until the new to-do list comes along. Haha.

8. Two new tops from Kamiseta, a blue and white polka dot one, and another with vintage floral prints. Happiness.

9. Dinner date with Ches at Heaven N Eggs. I preferred the Chocolate Kiss adobo flakes over the one I ordered, so I ended up eating most of Ches’ pork chops instead. Haha.

10. Shopping for a new ref funded by Mommy. There was nothing wrong with our old ref – it was the right size, never got broken or anything – but Mommy insisted on giving us money to buy a new ref, and we didn’t want to hurt her feelings, right? Haha. We ended up getting Ate Rhea's dream Nokia touch phone, too, since her old phone was stolen. Oh, and a sandwich maker for Ches who has this lovely habit of making yummy (albeit healthy) sandwiches for all of us all the time.

11. Toccare Spa. Easily our favorite spa out of all that we tried this year. The place was new, spotless and classy (with the right kind of mellow lights, not those that end up giving off a creepy vibe haha). There was a jacuzzi and sauna, and the services thorough and satisfying. Even the green tea was good.

12. Yoshi’s Maldita Comment of the Week, after I tell him it’s time to go back to his dentist for another tooth extraction: Malditahin mo na lang kaya yung teeth ko, so they will fall off on their own coz they’re scared of you. HAHAHA.

13. Jomel Lapides, the nursing board topnotcher from UP Manila, who was quoted in Inquirer as saying he has no plans of seeking greener pastures abroad bcoz his family is contented with their lives here. The article comes with a picture of him standing in front of their house, an unfinished, unpainted two-story building with a clothesline hanging by the windows, clearly not something that one would describe as opulent. Isn’t that so amazing? I can so relate bcoz if there’s one thing my father taught me, that would be it – to be contented with what you have. You don’t have to be as rich or as successful as the others – what you have been blessed with is enough.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Since it was a four-day weekend, my family clamored that we go out of town and stay somewhere nice. Luckily, I scored us a lakefront suite with a loft at Club Balai Isabel, which came in highly recommended by Beavis. There was a promo at one of my group buying sites, but it was only for two people, and we were a grand total of 6 adults (counting Yoshi bcoz he’s above 7 now; too bad Grace couldn’t make it bcoz of work) and 3 kids, so I had to reserve with the resort directly.

We all fell in love with the resort - Pops especially since he likes nature stuff. (He’s the type who prefers staying in a native hut in some far-flung province than a five-star hotel in Singapore.) The location is definitely the resort’s greatest beauty: it’s situated in acres of land on the shores of Taal Lake and offered a fantastic view of Taal Volcano. The whole place was tastefully designed with the well-made villas and cottages, pebbled walkways, fruit-bearing trees and flowering shrubs everywhere.

(Don’t you just love the jeans of these little girls? They were loose and comfy and embroidered with flowers and glitters – as perfect as you can get in a pair of jeans. If I had these beauties when I was a little girl, I would probably be CEO of some cutthroat company by now. I just know it. Hahaha. Instead of jeans, what I wore all the time as a little girl were frilly dresses in bright colors, mostly from Mom's relatives in the US. I loved those dresses. I was always such a girly girl. Haha.)

The suite was a perfect size for our group. The kids loved the loft, kept climbing the stairs, and jumped around on the beds.

(Here’s Bootsie on the stairs in his glow-in-the-dark pajamas. Beside him is his old, ugly Kitty pillow. Wherever Boots is, that stupid pillow is never too far away. Groan.)

We also had a terrace that overlooked the lake and volcano. (Pops sat here sipping coffee and had the time of his life. Haha.) You could hear the waves violently crashing on the shore all the way up in our room.

There were four pools in all. The boys tried the biggest one, an infinity pool, on our first day. It was nice and all but there was a big, rowdy group from some company, and it’s never fun when you have to share space with loud people.

The second pool we went to on our second day – with the girls this time - was much better. It had a slide that got Yoshi all excited the minute he saw it. Haha. It was practically deserted, too – the kids and daddies had the pool all to themselves for the most part. Such a winner.

There was also a playground which was new and clean and not one of those rickety things that I don’t let my kids play on bcoz they look unable to support my kids’ weights. Haha. That’s Bootsie with his trademark papal wave. Priceless.

The kicker for me, tho, was this chapel, built especially to accommodate weddings in the resort. It supposedly stands on the ruins of an old church. As you know, I have this thing for old churches. Hence, I was sold on the resort the minute I saw the picture of this church in the website. Haha. I can so get married again in this church. With the same guy, of course. Haha.

We had dinner and breakfast at the club house. We were so happy with the bulalo and bagnet. (The tawilis and kare-kare were just ok.) I also appreciated that the price was not obscene. They could’ve easily taken advantage bcoz it’s not like Tagaytay where you can go out and eat anywhere nearby – this was like the middle of nowhere and you had no choice but to eat in. We all enjoyed the breakfast buffet, too.

(On our way to Batangas, we had lunch at our family favorite Hungry Hippo. Coming back, we had halo-halo, empanada and siopao at Digman, as usual. Siopao is one of the few things I don’t eat, but the halo-halo and empanada = yumminess all the time. Best Two Things About Cavite Ever. Haha.)

There were also all these little touches that matter to people like me who are always on the look-out for the finer details. (Haha.) The resort prides itself on being zero waste and zero litter as apparently Talisay has no garbage trucks or dump sites. They have these signs all over on waste segregation and protecting the lake.

Our bathroom was stocked with the resort’s own line of organic toiletries. The lemongrass shampoo and soap smelled so good.

All around the resort were these exquisite lamps and windows with stained glass. So lovely.

And the flowers! Ches was always pointing out certain flowers to me bcoz he knows how much I love them.

How lovely are these hibiscus in a basin? I’m so putting stuff like that all around my house as soon as my kids are grown and we can be done with this whole boring child-proofing regime.

Bootsie was sad and holding back tears when it was time to go. I guess he wanted to stay longer in this nice place, and with his extended family, too. Don’t worry, Bootsie – we’ll be back.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Shoe Love

I’ve previously blogged about how I take pictures of my shoes all lined up together so it’s easy for me to see which pair goes best with the outfit I have in mind for the following day. When Ches catches me looking at several pictures while standing in front of my closet at night, he knows exactly what I’m up to, so he just smirks and heaves The Great Big Sigh, as tho he’s carrying the weight of the world (me?) on his shoulders. Haha.

So anyways, I took this pix middle of the year to update my collection. I started off with the blue Enzo Angiolini peep toes and purple wedges from Payless at the post-holiday sales. This was followed by the sensible, office wear black Rockport slingbacks and super high wedges in red floral print from Alberto. And then there was the lovely beaded beauty from VNC. The ballerina flats with huge flowers and the red gingham wedges from Promod. The leopard-print pumps from Aerosoles, wild but flattish with only one inch heels, hence sensible. (Yes, I like to stress the ‘sensible’ part to take away some of the insanity of my shoe obsession. Haha.) The fierce black pair from Nine West, which I alternately call The Craft and Metallica. (And yes, I give my shoes names. Haha. I wore The Craft/Metallica at the Tagaytay corporate governance workshop thing, and Regina says, I hate your shoes. They’re so rocker chick. Hahaha. That guy is always giving me unsolicited fashion advice. I think he’s envious bcoz I’m female and can dress up everyday. Hahaha.)

2011 is also The Year of The Schu Flats. Previous to this I wasn’t a flats person at all. I found that they contradict the aura I’m always trying to exude. It’s like, there I go trying to be all fierce and snooty, and when the person whose throat I’m after glances at my feet, I’m wearing – flats? How can I win, right? I have to be in My Trademark Towering Heels to protect my own credibility. Haha. But then I couldn’t resist these flats from Schu, so I bought all the pairs I liked (yes, hoarding flats with a vengeance), and wear them all the time out of the office. They’ve been with me thru the Southeast Asia trip, Enchanted Kingdom, Baguio, Tagaytay, and all the other weekend and holiday junkets in between. (I used to just wear my Crocs and Havaianas and my two lovely black slippers from Ate, from way, way back.)

Of course, there are my two wedges from Zara. The beige one is an anniversary gift from Ches, while the blue one is my MFEO pair. They are my favorites so far this year. I'm loving the shoes more than the clothes in Zara lately.

This week, CMG in Trinoma had a crazy renovation sale, where the previously marked-down pairs were going for buy one, take one. They were practically giving all those fabulous shoes away. I went absolutely insane hoarding the wedges that I’ve been coveting since I first saw them over the summer. They came in my sizes, too. Omigosh. I LOVE wedges. I’ll wear wedges everyday now and live happily ever after.

I tell Ches – don’t try to stop me, these four pairs cost less than one pair of yours. Of course, what he doesn’t point out is, he buys shoes only about three or so times a year, whereas I – well, no need to keep count between married people, right. Haha. Ches just lets me hoard away, tho, bcoz he knows a good buy when he sees one, and he also wants to cheer me up bcoz I was sad about this person who breaks my heart all the time. He just whistles and says, I guess someone will take pictures of shoes again this weekend. Hahaha.

The Legal girls notice my new wedges, so I tell them about CMG, and we all hie off to Trinoma at lunch time. Ann and Rosa get three pairs each (Ann even gets a bag), and Anji and Thina buy a pair each. I’m such a bad influence on my staff, I swear. Haha. I found two other flats I liked – an orangey pair with a fierce metal feature, and shining, shimmering, pink ballerina flats. Happiness.

Watch out, Imelda. I’m so on to you. Hahaha.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy List 28

1. Twix, mixed nuts, file resizer and new movies from Thom, plus the original Temptation Island and Same Time Last Year from the movie guru Regie. Thom also got me this mega passport thing to hold my 60 million pix, courtesy of his dad who was coming home from the US. (Thanks, you guys!)

2. Tormenting Thom with ‘cabbage’ jokes (He mixed up ‘cabin’ and ‘luggage’ and called it ‘cabbage’. HAHAHA. So typical.)

3. Friends who keep me updated on all things Hello Kitty. Thina told me Gift Gate Trinoma was on sale. Her friends apparently wondered since when she became interested in Gift Gate, and her reply was: since I got a boss who’s obsessed with Hello Kitty. Hahaha.

4. Emails with Ate and Bryan. It always cheers me up hearing from them.

5. MIB is back after more than a month. I love MIB. So kind, brilliant and unassuming. You already knew all that.

6. Dinner with Ches at Pho 24 in Rockwell after my meeting there. Pho, spring rolls, and iced coffee - I don’t think I will ever get tired of Vietnamese food. So reliable and comforting, plus healthy and affordable, to boot.

7. Lunch with Eycee at Dali. She loved the snooty interiors, too. And the food, of course. We ordered like five dishes between us. Our anacondas were overjoyed. Hahaha. I love Eycee. I can talk to her about anything from movies to politics. She’s smart and chatty and not one of those pretty girls who just smile there and get by on the basis of their prettiness. Haha. And she holds her own against me when it comes to eating a lot. I respect girls with hefty appetites. Those who hardly eat or are perennially on diets – they just baffle me. Haha.

8. Email from Didoy. So sweet, that guy. He has never changed and has always remained the funny, affectionate guy we’ve always loved, no matter how far he goes.

9. Hello Kitty key chain that doubles as candy case from Rustan’s. I hook it up into my Cath Kidston box bag, and it’s happiness turned into perfection. Haha.

10. Having Ate Rhea back. Ches and I were talking about this. In the six months that she went on vacation to take care of her sick sister, we tried two other helpers, but they were more like additional issues we had to take care of, and even Ate Ann had to tiptoe around them. With Rhea, we just feel so comfortable and at peace, like we don’t have to worry about the boys and our home anymore. She completes our little family.

11. Bootsie’s Cuteness Trick of The Week: The Invisible Hula Hoop Dance. He twirls his hips around a hula hoop that isn’t there. It’s hilarious. (I wonder where my kids get all their crazy ideas? Maybe too much taurine in Nido? Can’t have been my breastmilk. That’s supposed to be all pure and good, right? Unless you can pass on the crazy gene thru your boobies. Haha.)

12. Babette’s and my friend taking the plunge and finally, finally leaving her office after a grand total of 14 years. She’s one of those girls who are only a couple of years older than me but whom I wouldn’t have minded at all having as boss bcoz I know she’s just so much more brilliant and hardworking than I could ever hope to be. And it’s just so right that all the forces of the universe worked in her favor when she finally decided it was time to move on. It makes you believe there’s still justice in this world, when great things happen to people who deserve to be happy. I’m so hoping that the headhunter which found her the new job, the exact same headhunter which got me into my office now, will bring her as much luck as I’ve always felt I had since I moved here.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Return To Paradise

We were off to Boracay for Yoshi’s birthday. It was Bootsie’s first time. My parents in-law travelled with us, and Rosa also came with her Tita Celia. It has been the most fun family weekend so far this year.

1. Diniwid. We stayed at Diniwid, which I liked bcoz it’s so far from the madding crowd, way past Station 1 even. It was like a world of its own, so quiet and as yet un-commercialized. The first day we got there, we stayed in the pool and the beach the whole afternoon and a grand total of maybe only five other people were with us. No wonder Nami (which was right beside our hotel) chose this site. It was all so provincial and perfect if you want the get-away-from-it-all type of vacation.

2. Microtel. Microtel was not bad at all for its price. The room and bathrooms were large (much bigger than my parents’ room over at Patio Pacific), the beddings and pillows were plush and many. The pool was kid-friendly and there was a playground and kiddie area, too. (You look for these things in a hotel when you’re a mom travelling with your kids.) Plus, they had a Nescafe dispenser that was on 24/7, free Wi-Fi in the room, and a shuttle that takes you to D Mall every 20 minutes or so. The staff was competent, accommodating, and honest. (Bootsie lost his beloved shades from Tito Bryan, and when I looked for it in the reception, the girl said one of their staff found it by the slides. Winner.) We couldn’t have asked for more from a hotel that wasn’t five-star price.

3. Patio Pacific. Lolo and Lola stayed at Patio Pacific, and I can understand why this place is consistently rated Triple A by the DOT. It’s spotless and surrounded by greenery and has the perfect location in the middle of Station 1. The boys loved their pool bcoz it had a jacuzzi and fountain, and the beach in their area was also cleaner. It was the first real beach that Bootsie ever waded into by himself (not counting what he called the ‘baby beach’ that appeared only during low tide in Laiya). Lola loved floating around in the pool and beach, while Lolo walked all around buying Inquirer, shirts, fruit shakes for the boys, and green mangoes for me (that I ate right on the beach. Haha. Isn’t he so sweet? I love him.) Their breakfast was buffet, too, whereas we had only set meals in Microtel – and when they told us Yoshi got this gleam in his eyes like he regretted not sleeping over with his grandparents instead, so he could wake up to a grand buffet spread. Haha.

4. The big change. We’ve been to Boracay twice in March and twice in October and other times in between, and those are supposed to be the peak seasons, but I have never seen it as crowded as it was last weekend. So many things have changed since the last time we were here about five years ago, and I’m not sure if it’s for the better. People were just swarming all over the place, especially by the shore around sunset. And this was Station 1 – I can’t imagine how much more chaotic it was in the other stations. Looking for a place to eat in for lunch or dinner was less like enjoying a vacation in an island and more like navigating your way thru an SM mallwide sale. D Mall was a mere memory of the row of quaint local stores it used to be and now looked suspiciously close to Shoppersville Greenhills. What used to be a wide, clear area across the resorts and shops where makeshift cabanas were put up for massages and stuff has been replaced by ugly, permanent structures that transformed into seafood buffet restos at night.

I’m happy for the sake of our economy that the tourists keep flocking in, and the island undergoing ever more enhancements – but seeing the crowds and all the modern amenities, I kind of miss the Boracay that was when I first went there in 2001, and yearned for Pagudpud and Panglao. I’m so glad there was still Diniwid.

5. Why we come back. Still and all, the sand, the water, and the sunset remain as Boracay’s biggest assets and its one redeeming beauty. Nothing – nothing! - beats the fine, white sand, the clear, blue waters that is as shallow as far as you want it to be (hence, Boots bravely wades in), and the sunset which is all kinds of marvelous colors and not just the orange hues that one is used to in Manila Bay. Small wonder people just keep coming back to this blessed island.

6. The old stuff. Of course, no Boracay experience is ever complete without all the usual favorites.

We had gelatos from Aria and Don Vito. I swear, I could eat this Italian yumminess all day.

We watched a fire dance in front of Regency. The guy dancer was so hot, and literally, too. Haha. I love Boracay Regency. It’s the first place I stayed in, thanks to QT. Seawind was also a QT favorite.

The boys got henna tattoos. They’re such boys - tattoos and face paints get them all excited. They super behaved while having theirs done, I told Ches: Had I known tattoos could make them so quiet like this, I would have been giving it to them a long time ago. Haha. I was taking pictures all around, and the guy in an Afro doing Bootsie’s says: Si Mommy pala ang malikot e, nasisilaw ako sa camera. HAHAHA.

Ches and I walked to as far as Willy’s Rock while the boys napped with their grandparents.

We had Jonah’s milkshakes. I LOVE Jonah’s milkshakes. When I was pregnant with Yosh and was in Boracay with my corporate law group in QT, I refused to eat with everyone else at this fresh seafood place and instead coerced Rhoel into taking me to Jonah’s. I had license to be snooty then – I was pregnant. Haha.

Other old stuff include the funny tourists who seem to spend a hell of a lot more time camwhoring than anything else. The Koreans who roam the beach in their high heels – they are still so there. (I love their fashion sense, tho. They’re so fierce and perfectly coordinated and accessorized.) We saw all these foreigners posing in their skimpy two pieces with their lovesick puppy boyfriends playing professional photographer. They go in the beach or pool, strike some poses, and get out as soon as they’re done with their photo ops - without actually swimming in the water or getting anything higher than their knees wet. It was absolutely crazy. Daddy was expectedly critical of their slutty attires, but I was like, if I had an expensive boob job, I’d flaunt it to the whole world any chance I get, too. Haha.

If you look closely at this pix, you will see a tourist swimming while using her yellow umbrella. This has gotta be The Craziest Thing Ever.

And here’s Bootsie at the Patio Pacific pool with a pretty Taiwanese girl who befriended us and asked for pictures with him. I tell you - Bootsie will get all the girls someday. Haha.

7. Something new. We found the famous kalamansi muffins at this hole-in-the wall café in Station 1. So, so good and worthy of the hype. We tried the banana walnut and carrot chocolate, too, and they were just as yummy.

Eiffel Tower is in Boracay now. After we take pictures here, this big, black guy bumps into Boots and apologizes and chats me up. I find out he’s from – Paris. I told him we just came from there and show him our pix with Eiffel and he laughs and laughs. I told Rosa - it’s a sign, I am so going to Europe soon. Hahaha.

Liberty is also in Boracay, with an all-pink friend. You have to put some bills in this box before you can have your pix with them. This gay person snaps up your pix and gets all snooty with you. Scary. Haha.

Guess who else is in Boracay? Manila Water! Their tagline embodies everything that is noble and cool about this great, great company: "Who else cleans water before it is released to the sea?" I almost got run over by 60 million tricycles taking this picture - that's how much I still love Manila Water. (And my boys were screaming part in fright and part from excitement at the prospect of seeing their mommy mangled by vehicles on a busy street. Haha.)

Oh and in addition to the henna tattoos, they do braids now. I so coveted the corn rows but then my hair is still short and the longest I could keep the braids would be three days which is the entire length of our stay in the island. When I go back, I’m so going to have long hair and so having it braided and so wearing it for a whole year. Haha.

(Something new and The Prettiest Item out of all the shops in D Mall: this pair of Hello Kitty Crocs. Haha.)

8. Food fest. We were all so happy with our food choices. On our first night we went to D Mall and ate at Island Inasal. Yummy food, fast service, and not as loud and crowded as the others. The boys and grandparents loved their inasal and batchoy.

For lunch the following day we looked for the seafood buffets that were everywhere the night before – it turns out they open only for dinner. So we settled for Don Vito Italiano, which is one of those places that look so uppity outside that you're intimidated to go in lest you be found not worthy and thrown out. Haha. (I refused to go to Shakey’s in Boracay even if that was guaranteed to please our boys. I hate going to all the usual restos available in Metro Manila when we travel. What’s the point, right? It defeats the whole purpose of travel.) The price was on the high side, but the servings were huge, and we all loved the pizza, pasta, chicken, fish and chips. I’d gladly shell out more for a resto with food that doesn’t scrimp on taste and size, plus a fine dining ambience, to boot.

For our last dinner we went to Zuzuni with Rosa and Tita Celia. We took the same package and this dinner came with it. I saw a plaque from the DOT also rating this Mediterranean place as Triple A. And I can understand why. I loved my fish with all the exotic garnish, and the boys loved their sandwiches with feta cheese and fries. Yummies.

9. Yoshi’s birthday. We surprised Yoshi with party hats, horns, and several gifts when he woke up on his birthday. The Boracay trip was in itself his celebration but I figured all of us were enjoying that and so we needed to get something extra for him alone. It was insane lugging around all that party paraphernalia and gifts all the way to Boracay, but omigosh - somebody as sweet and funny and bright as Yoshi deserves no less. (Not to mention, I’m perennially vying for Best Mom of The Year, so surprise party it is. Haha.)

When we got home, my two Ates had another surprise for Yoshi (and all of us, too, actually). Yosh requested pancit canton, but in addition to that, the Ates also made paella and lumpia. (Don’t you just love Ate Ann and Ate Rhea? They's our angels.) Mommy got Yosh a cake so he could blow a candle, and we also bought lechon manok, so we ended up having quite a feast.

10. The Burn Family. I thought we had it bad in Laiya, but the sunburns we got in Boracay were so much worse. Well, we hit the pool and beach the minute we got there, and stayed in the water the whole time if we weren’t otherwise sleeping, eating or walking, so what did we expect, right? All of us are sore where the sunburns are worst on our shoulders and noses, but I actually love this color. (If I were a guy, I’d choose the dark-skinned girls all the time. Dark skin has so much more character. White skin is highly overrated. All those magical whitening potions – so stupid and pointless. Haha.) My boys look all tanned and rosy, and I’m the epitome of a chocolate maldita as Yoshi would day. Haha.

We totally lucked out on this trip. It’s like this - if Ches and I hadn’t gone to the Southeast Asia trip in March, I would’ve gone to the Boracay office-sponsored thing which was on the same week, and if I had gone to Boracay in March, I definitely wouldn’t have bought a package for my family for August.

It was perfectly sunny, whereas it has been raining for weeks in the city. We had no hassles at all with our flights and transfers. Even Bootsie was too excited and happy that he didn't throw a single one of his infamous Mother of All Tantrums the whole weekend. Haha.

The best part was, we got to travel with my in-laws. I love my in-laws. They’re so overjoyed whenever the whole lot of us trooped to their hotel and my kids unceremoniously raided their mini-bar and flipped their TV channels the exact same way they do at my in-laws’ house. To be so welcomed and loved like that – it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Dad is your typical strict, disciplinarian father figure, but somehow he loves me. I feel it all the time. Mommy brought my kids several packs of Yakult and other foodstuff all the way to Boracay. She's such a riot, too. She donned a sexy swimsuit and posed all-out when I took pix. (Her kids are so going to die when they see her pix on Facebook. Haha.) I tell Ches all the time, Mommy is such a character. Not your usual screaming funny character, but a special one in her own way. Besides, anyone who brings someone as good as my Chester out into this world - how can she ever go wrong? You just gotta love her, right?

To think I kind of regretted getting the package initially bcoz we’ve been to Boracay many times before. Yoshi got his birthday celebration, Boots conquered his fear of the beach, Ches and I acted the happy honeymooners as usual. It all worked out in the end. Another treasure in our trove of special moments.