Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Museum Madness

Our third day in Sydney is Museum Day. Good thing Kirsten is same age bracket as my boys, so we could all do same family things together. She goes to same Montessori school, too. We all adore her. Kids missed EJ, tho. They went to Manly Beach and rushed other stuff since this was their last day in Sydney already.

Name 'Powerhouse' speaks for itself - grand, amazing, and with just a little bit of everything. Kind of like Boston Science Museum albeit on smaller scale. (Yes, Ate, nothing still beats Boston Science Museum.) It's built on an ancient pump house. Love all the bricks. Too bad we missed Narnia exhibit that just closed.

There were airplanes, trains, ships.

Lots of science stuff, of course. As well as novel ones like chocolate-making and how electric chairs work. Morbid.

There was exhibit on The Wiggles. I gather it's Aussie equivalent of Sesame Street. Love Dorothy the Dinosaur bcoz she's a ballerina.

Kids enjoyed play things situated all around museum.

No trip complete without Boots finding himself a little girlfriend.

He actually has a line of blond and blue-eyed little girls all waiting for him.

If Pinoys have The Eraserheads and the British have The Beatles, the Aussies have - The Cockroaches. Eeooww.

Lunch at museum cafe. It's right across playground.

Playground always = big, fat, happy faces.

Climbed up rest of floors after lunch. Exhibits not really for kids. Lace, Muslim fashion, and photography. More like my thing, actually.

Powerhouse Museum also houses Strasburg Clock from 1800s. Looking fabulous and still working after all these years. (Wish I could say same thing about me: fabulous + working. I'm usually either, not both. Haha.)

Off to Maritime Museum on other side of Darling Harbor after. Supposedly voted as one of world's Top 12 coolest museums. Tours include going up ships docked outside, like Captain Cook's. Didn't have time for that and just toured museum, tho.

There was special exhibit on Titanic on occasion of its 100th anniversary. Included newspapers day of sinking, and walls of names of victims. Tragic.

Exhibit also included costumes of Rose and Jack from Titanic movie. Loved it. People make fun of movie, but I'm a huge fan.

Museum store had good collection of lighthouse paraphernalia. Wanted to get some but all obscenely priced. Got boys pirates rings instead. Pirates = skulls with cross signs = Bootsie's joy. Yosh wanted one for himself, too. So there went my shopping money. Sigh, motherhood.

Kids back in playground after museum closed. Difficult to pry them away from place once they get started, but understandable, too, since we don't even have any decent playgrounds back home. Sad.

Dinner was in Chinatown along our way back to hotel. No great shakes. Big servings but salty and can't hold candle to Chinese food back home. True for all Chinese restos I've tried abroad, except for one in Singapore where my friends D&G took me to. Now that was yummy.

Still and all, Chinese food gave us fuel we needed to tackle rest of trek back to hotel. All's well.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Off To The Opera

Our second day in Sydney was my favorite one. We were all together, visiting city's most iconic landmarks.

Took bus to Circular Quay and walked towards Harbor Bridge to meet up with Jon's gang. Posed before Opera House along the way. Always surreal seeing world-famous beauties such as this in person. Always breaks my heart and makes me start tearing up. Drama queen moment, definitely.

QT kids just found themselves arranged from oldest to youngest in this pix.

Jon wanted QT friends to follow same order of age, too, but Dendee overruled him. HAHAHA.

Spent some time for pictorials by Harbor Bridge.

Of course, wouldn't let moment pass without jump shots from kids.

Teased Ates to join kids, too.

Daddies not off the hook, either.

Daddies setting up tripods and giving piggy-back rides (altho this latter one is by Darling Harbor). You gotta love these three daddies.

May is suddenly this young woman. She was only about three when Jon used to bring her to UP Law. Gay and I bought her ice cream. She's still crazy over White Rabbit candies with edible paper wrapper. Used to get these for her whenever I saw some.

Malen and I have secrets that not even our own husbands know. Mwa ha ha.

Walked around to other side of Circular Quay to get to Opera House. Met aborigines along the way. Learned they're called Eoras.

Love love love our family pix up close with Opera House. These three pix alone make our trip so worth it. (Thank you, QT friends, for taking these wonderful pix.)

This is how lobby looks like.

My favorite signs around Opera House.

Took ferry to Darling Harbor. Had lunch at this Mongolian bar place. Ches and I loved our chili and sate king prawns, while boys loved their crispy fried chickens. Big servings all around. Yummy, too.

Walked all around Darling Harbor.

There was indoor wildlife park and Madame Tussaud's wax museum here.

Jon took this pix of me with Ian Thorpe and dared me to touch private part. Naughty. Haha.

Darling Harbor also has vast playground. Kids never wanted to leave place. Groan.

Dendee: Playground lang pala gusto ng mga to e!
Me: Kumuha pa tayo ng visa para lang mag-playground?!


Walked to other side of harbor where Maritime Museum and Pyrmont lighthouse were. Museum about to close up tho so we saved that for another day. Museum fronted by reconstructed ships used by early explorers like Captain James Cook. Lovely views this side of harbor. Lighthouse, too. Yay!

Cannot run out of things to do and see at Darling Harbor. Fabulous fountains at right of Sydney Convention Center.

Tram going all around harbor.

Stores selling local products like TimTams and Vegemite.

Ate: Could you buy me all flavors of TimTams?
Me: I'll buy for you from Savemore and pretend they're from Sydney.


Babette told me to try Vegemite bcoz locals love it. So Boots and I did, at breakfast in hotel - and it was bleeech. Salty and sour and all sorts of bad stuff. Boys tease me about Vegemite every time they see it in stores. Crazy.

Ended day with dinner at Cargo Bar. Jon and Donemark have lawyer friend who recently went to Sydney and shared with them itinerary prepared by her local friend. Which itinerary boys shared with me, of course. Had hot tips like where to get good $10 steaks and best shots of Harbor Bridge. Winner.

So Ches and I had steaks while boys had cheese pizza and fish and chips. All good, except it was only two pieces of fish. Still, exactly heavy kind of dinner we needed for long walk back thru Chinatown to George Street back to hotel. We've never walked so much with boys, not even in DC.

All worth it, tho, considering the day we had.