Sunday, November 09, 2014

All Decked Out

One of my favorite Mommy activities is decorating our home for Christmas.  I went at it the first weekend we got back from Dubai.  

The most major change I did this year was to put Frostys (Frosties?), Santas, and bears on our stair steps where I've been putting our Christmas socks all these years.  It's brilliant, don't you think?  My all-American bear from Bryan is there (his welcome gift for me as soon as we stepped into Logan Airport), as well as the Paddington Bear that Randy gave me for my birthday.  Our Christmas socks went into the boys' massive toy cabinet this time.  

I LOVE it.  Love your own.  Hahaha. 

Chestnuts also got me a potted poinsettia in Tagaytay, and I placed that in the middle of our dining table, which I also adorned with a lovely table runner from Megamall.  Nice, huh.  Now if only I knew how to cook so I could make some noche buena for my family - I'd be all set.  Hahaha.  

Well, I could always get hamon and quezo de bola from the grocery.

Some new additions to our Christmas Cast 2014:

A tabletop Christmas tree with hanging Santas, Frostys, and angels.  One of my happy finds from Dapitan when I did my early Christmas decor shopping in September.  It went on our little table by the door, with my Nutcracker guards and several other bears.

As Boots noticed:  Mommy, hindi ka naman masyadong mahilig sa teddy bears, no???  Hahaha.

A red lantern for candles or tea lights from Ikea.  It's not strictly a Christmas decor, but it's red.  As far as I'm concerned, all you need to be is red and you're in for Christmas.

I got this from Galleria when I was looking for a birthday gift for Randy in April.  I heard the identical lantern that I got for him has since been appropriated by his mother.  Hahaha.  Malen said Robinson's has been carrying Ikea products even before this year.  Cool. 

Look, we have a lighthouse right at home!  Chestnuts got this for me from Dapitan.  Again, it's not your conventional Christmas decor, but 'conventional' is probably not an adjective you will use to describe the queen of our household, either, right? 

Even Burj Al Arab has a spot in our credenza.  This was a souvenir handed to us by our Indian driver when he brought us to the airport for our flight back home.  It's not red, but it lights up, so it qualified for the Christmas cast. 

Other gems from Dapitan include two Frostys climbing a small flight of stairs, a belen made of driftwood, and a sleep-deprived Santa.

Me:  Baket ang laki ng eyes ni Santa?
Vendor:  Napuyat po kagabi kaka-distribute ng gifts.


Another vendor was trying to sell me two kings at a bargain price.

Me:  Baket two kings lang, nasaan yung third?
Vendor:  Nauna na hong lumakad, malayo pa raw ang Bethlehem!

Hahaha.  You gotta love Pinoy humor.

The red/green/yellow lantern is another gift from Randy.  It's supposedly made out of some special wood whose name I forget now.  Randy knows exactly what my little heart desires.  I posted that up with the driftwood belen against our brick wall. 

This one's not entirely new but it's the first time I've ever brought it out to join our Christmas crew at the credenza.  It's my Precious Moments snow globe from my beloved Lola who passed away while I was in high school.  So now you know why I usually keep it under lock and key with my other valuables.  I asked our helpers to take extra care with this one, coz if they break it ... I'm going to cry.  Sob.

I hung the boys' dream catchers from Ate on our little chandelier.  Ches dared to comment that dream catchers have nothing to do with Christmas.  As if I've spent my entire life conforming to rules and standards. You'd think this guy would know better after having been married to me for 12 everlasting years, right?

But he did get me the poinsettia and lighthouse, and it's his job to put up all the lights, so maybe I'll allow him to stay till Christmas.  Giggles. 

This tray of 60 million wooden Christmas characters is special bcoz it was Randy's gift for me last year.  His mom chose it for me (among other gifts he had given me thru the years).  His mom loves me like that.

Yoshi's Boy Scout troop came caroling close to midnight last year.  We prepared snacks and treats for them, but then on top of those they were also pocketing the little toys in this cart, as tho they were party give-aways.  I told Yosh, if they come over again this year, I'm going to put up a sign that says: "Please don't pick our Christmas decor".  Hahaha.  

The rest of our decor are our usual cast of Christmas characters.  What I do is buy some new additions every year, dispose of others I have outgrown, and try to move everything around so that our home does not look exactly the same year after year.  

I know people who change all their decor every Christmas.  That's just wasteful, and I'm also the kind of person who forms emotional bonds with objects, so it's not easy for me to simply throw them away.


Our Christmas tree is 10 years old.  Gasp.  I already wanted to discard it, but Ches said it's still good, it's not worn or anything.  I had no brilliant idea what to replace it with - other than a taller, thicker tree - so it's still there for now.   

Objects take on so much more character after they have been with you for years and years.  Our Christmas tree, for example, has several years' worth of the boys' Happy Meal toys, plus a Shrek face from a cereal box that was Yoshi's favorite when he was a toddler. Owww.  Country-style angels and bears from the annual bazaar in Claret as well as Disney collectibles from Greenhills form part of the motley crew up on this tree. Where else can you find The Gingerbread Man, The Little Mermaid, and Darth Vader all in one group?

I'd like to believe we all behave a little better when our home is fully decorated for Christmas.  We can't go whining or swearing as much as we normally would, what with all the belen and Santas surrounding us, right? I've also always thought decking our humble little halls was our own small way of welcoming Jesus for Christmas.      

All that tinsel and dazzle certainly make us all merrier.  The boys happily help me out when I put up the decor, and they clown around when I take pictures.  If nothing else, I hope when they're older they will look back on these times as another joyful thing they did with family.