Sunday, November 16, 2014

Lime and Basil

It was hard to believe we have not been to Tagaytay all year.  Tagaytay is always the logical choice whenever we want a quick and easy weekend getaway.

Lime and Basil was as good a reason as any to head on up.  I've wanted to check the place out after seeing it online and being enamored by the whole fabulous look of it.

We got there early and pretty much had the whole place to ourselves.  It quickly filled up within the hour, tho.  It was even bigger than I thought.  Boots had a grand time running around in the front yard and baking under the sun.  It must be nice to have your dinner under the stars out in that wide yard.    

I love the aesthetics of the place.  All those vibrant, contrasting colors - it was all so alive and yet understated.  As someone who also likes to decorate our home with my own personal touches, I know it takes discipline and restraint to not overdo it on the decor, to not cover every inch of space on the wall with everything you've got.  

I also like that the chairs are mismatched and not entirely identical.  I don't know if this was deliberate or they just ran out of the same chairs, but I think it's happy when people live a little and not try to do everything all too perfectly.  Perfection is overrated.

Of course, I'm also partial to weathered furniture, and there were a lot of those in the resto. Weathered and distressed just nails the whole warm, homey, country ambience I'm always aiming for.  If they achieved that look thru time and are real antiques, all the better.  But if they happen to be new and I have to beat them up myself to get that ancient look, that works for me as well.  Giggles.    

My Cath Kidston strawberry bag is right at home among the colorful and similarly embroidered bags. 

One area of the resto has been converted into a store with all kinds of quaint objects for sale.  They're not all from Thailand, too.  Some are made right in the Philippines, and a blue, gray, and green plate set is actually from Japan.  I promptly snatched that up for my friend who collects decorative plates.

There was a lady tinkering with the display and I chatted her up and she turns out to be one of the co-owners of the resto.  Cool.  She was young and quite humble, with no indication that she was the boss all around.  If I could just own and manage a place like this and not have to do any more of my endless, insufferable lawyering.  Sigh.   

The food was yummy, too.  It came fast, altho the servings were smaller than we expected. Our favorite was the crispy pata curry (with the curry on the side).

Boots' did not get a birthday cake this year and instead shared with mine from Thom.  (It was the gigantic black sambo cake from Florabel's that Thom himself delivered to my office as soon as I got back from Dubai.  It was large enough for maybe 17 birthday celebrants.  Giggles.)  So we were teasing Boots at Lime and Basil that, since he didn't get a birthday cake, he should blow out the crispy pata.

Crispy pata beats cake any day, right?  This is how I know the boys and I cannot live in Dubai for longer than a week:  there is no crispy pata there.    

We marveled at the lotus-like flowers that they used as centerpieces on the tables.  They looked more like sea creatures than flowers.  I've never seen them anywhere else, but in Lime and Basil they were in abundant bloom.

The best seat in the house is under the mango tree.  It's so province.  I could have harassed the waiters into serving our food all the way here if only the sun wasn't shining so seriously.  So yeah, probably better to eat here for breakfast and dinner.  Unless you prefer your curries sun-dried.

I've always thought that you can tell if a place is well-loved by the decoration in the toilet.  It's the one room that's easy enough to overlook.  After all, all you really need to do the deed is a toilet bowl that flushes and a sink with running water, right?

But if on top of being functional your toilet also has other touches like an intricately carved mirror, some flowers and books and wall fixtures, then we know this is a place that is well looked after and lovingly maintained.  (I'm so rushing to our toilets right after posting this to put up all sorts of decor in there.  Giggles.)    

The backyard contains the edible garden from which the resto sources the veggies they use in the dishes. Yoshi chewed on some leaves to check whether they are in fact edible.  Crazy.  

For his part, Boots was more interested in the funky car parked on the garage.  Hahaha.